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The Need to Know with Stephan Zimmermann

Feb 13, 2020

Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of The Need to Know podcast. Thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your week, to learn and grow with me and hear from some of the top performers in the world in a wide range of fields.

Today's guest on the podcast is author, movement coach and podcast host, Aaron Alexander (@alignpodcast). As a prominent expert in health and wellness, Aaron focuses his work on helping people to re-inhabit their bodies to be strong, flexible and pain-free by moving functionally during daily tasks. In his new book, "The Align Method", Aaron highlights the 5 movement principles that will allow you to live a healthier life and become more closely aligned to your body and mind.

In today's discussion with Aaron, we discuss why the healthiest cultures in the world are not gym cultures, some key practices and routines to implement into your daily life, how and why Aaron got started in this space and much more.

Super excited to share this with you and hope that you will enjoy it!