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The Need to Know with Stephan Zimmermann

Nov 13, 2019

Today’s guest on the podcast is growth hacker and innovation strategist Brendan Kane (@brendankane). Starting off in the film industry, Brendan quickly saw the outdated and expensive marketing models that these studios were using and started working on his own products and strategies to maximize marketing potential. Through creating software and tools that companies could use to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, Brendan began to work with some of the top brands and celebrities in the world. To name a few, Brendan has worked with Rhianna, Taylor Swift, the NFL, and the NHL helped them to see incredible results. To show the effectiveness of his methods, Brendan was able to duplicate the results that he saw with his clients and generated his own large social following on both Facebook and Instagram, even getting 1 million followers on Instagram in just 30 days! He has also written a book about his experiment in generating his social follow titled "One Million Followers".

In today's discussion with Brendan, we discuss his early career and the lessons he learned in the beginning of his career, who should post and why you should scale your following, how to scale your following and much more.