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The Need to Know with Stephan Zimmermann

Sep 16, 2019

Today’s guest on the podcast is Doug Bopst, author, personal trainer and fitness guru. At the start of his story, Dougs was not shaping out to be where he wanted to be. Becoming addicted to drugs at an early age to fend off his insecurities, Doug found himself going down the wrong path. One night, his entire life changed when he was pulled over and arrested for possession of Marijuana with an intent to sell. What originally was a 5-year sentence turned into a 90 days and changed the entire trajectory of his life. 
While in jail, Doug’s cellmate started turning him on to fitness. Overweight when he went into jail, Doug started working out with his cellmate Eric and discovered the transformational powers of fitness.
As soon as he turned to fitness, Doug found his life rapidly transform and his motivations change. When he was released he began to turn his life around, turning heavily into personal training and eventually creating his own personal training brand from which he is now incredibly successful and able to inspire others on a daily basis.
In today’s episode, we discuss Doug’s early life and time in jail, how fitness changed his life, his motivations and how he uses his story to inspire others and much more.